Crystal Growing, Craft Crystal Geodes & Fun Shapes Experiment Kit

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  • Grow dozens of dazzling crystals and conduct 15 illuminating experiments with this classic science kit.

  • Experiment with four chemically different crystals each with different properties, including potassium alum crystals that form regular tetrahedrons, rapidly growing sodium sulfate crystals, long needle-shaped sodium acetate crystals, and plaster which is made from gypsum crystals.

  • Mold fun plaster shapes, including stars, lightning bolts, dolphins, and pyramids, and grow layers of crystals on them.

  • Use dyes to form colored crystals, and mix the dyes to grow a rainbow of custom colored crystals.

  • Display your crystal creations in a clear treasure chest with a locking lid.

  • Mold your own geode — a hollow rock with crystals growing inside — and create a beautiful crystal cavern inside.

  • Experiment with growing crystals rapidly and slowly, and observe how that affects the crystal structures.

  • See if you can grow one giant crystal, and many small crystals on the surface of a rock.

  • Measure how the crystallization of solids out of a solution, and the dissolution of crystals back into solution, affect the temperature of the solution.

  • Learn about the energy of crystallization.

  • Investigate solutions, crystallization, and the chemistry of crystal growing.

  • Learn about the structures and geometries of different crystal shapes.

  • This kit is thoroughly tested and safe: Over one million units of this kit have sold worldwide.

  • A full-color, 32-page experiment manual guides your experiments in crystal chemistry and Earth science.

  • Dimension: Length: Width: 8 cm. Heght: 29 cm. Weght: 2 kg.

  • Product Brand: Thames and Kosmos

  • Age 10+