Detectives Looking Chart Board Game

  • Train children to think innovatively, exercise their minds, and teach them problem-solving skills through this game. 

  • A fast-paced game that improves reflexes and reaction time. 

  • Suitable for ages 3+ 

  • 2 or more players per round

  • Instruction manual provided


  • Assemble the game board pieces in the correct order and place them in the center of the desk.  Shuffle and evenly distribute the 60 clue cards to the players with the clues faced down. 

  • Then select 3 detective marks of the same color for each player (there are a total of 12). The 60 detective rings must be placed in the most accessible position for all the players to pick up easily, as it's the key to winning

  • An hourglass is included for extra fun, as a set time limit could make the detective game even more exciting to win.

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