Fast Moving Hands Play Cards Game (Figures)


What is Fast moving? It is the smash-hit game of speedy observation!

Each of the game's has card different symbols on it, and between any two cards there is always exactly one matching symbol.

It's up to you to spot the match! There are five different mini-games to test your reflexes but all of them rely on one thing: be the first to find the matching symbols!

Develop and test your observation skills-a fun challenge for all ages.

Cards come in a compact metal tin, making this game perfect for travelling available in a host of different editions.



    • Fast Moving hands is a game of speed, observation, and reaction.

    • 5 games in 1 With 15 awards to its name, Fast Moving Hands has won the hearts of kids as well as adults.

    • 2-8 players per game

    • Ages 3+, suitable for adults as well

    • Includes 55 circular playing cards with their own symbols that vary in size and orientation.

    • Box comes with a fully colored instruction manual