Animals Great Migration, Learning and Educational Board Game, Fun Games that Stretch and Sharpen Children’s Minds, Ages 3+



  • Great Migration game is fun games that stretch and sharpen children’s minds. These games are innovative and make learning fun, engaging and enjoyable.

  • Kidmoro: our games make you know more about Children.

  • Kidmoro is the leader in actively fun games that stretch ans sharpen Children's mind. We devote ourselves to designing innovative games that can make learning fun, make children fullyabsorbed in thinking and enjoy every moment of playing games. Their needs and wants are foremost in our mission.

  • Contents: 40x Challenge Cards, 4x Route Cards, 1x Playing Board, 1x Instruction Sheet.

  • Ages 3 years and above.

  • Board Games: Learning knowledge through play to empower Children's minds and create fun for your family.

  • Playing puzzle and board games helps strengthen and improve cognitive skills and stimulate visual scanning capabilities.

  • Boost your child’s brainpower, verbal fluency, and general problem-solving skills.

How To Play:

1. Following the footprint hints given on the challenge cards, place the route cards on the playing board and adjust the route accordingly to help the animal find a way out.


2. Challenge cards contain 4 categories, with a total of 40 levels ranging from easy to hard. Players can choose a challenge card according to the difficulty level, and start the game.

3. Solutions are provided at the back of the challenge cards. Players pass the level if thier route as is per the provided solution.