Kidmoro Zoo Breaker Educational and Learning Puzzle Game


Product Details:

  • Zoo Breaker is a popular science board game where kids have to follow the given clues and quickly identify the animal and the corresponding playing card. With interesting game mechanics, this game not only cultivates children’s awareness on animal conservation, but it also exercises their recognition ability, attention, reaction ability and logical thinking

  • Through this game, children will get to learn about the different characteristics of various animals, such as their living habitat, and number of legs (if any)


  • Open the zoo map and place all the animal cards on the map.

  • Randomly throw the dice and search for the animal who’s characteristics matches that shown on the dice. After which, place the card in the corresponding living space

** The difficulty level of the game can be adjusted according to the number of dice used, and it can also be turned into a multiplayer game.