Nerf Elite Jr Ultimate Starter Set

  • Released by: Hasbro

  • Brand: Nerf

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  • The 2 toy blasters in this Nerf Elite Jr Ultimate Starter Set have an easy-play design, so kids can enjoy exciting Nerf dart-blasting play all on their own in indoor and outdoor games

  • The toy foam blasters in this targeting set are sized to fit comfortably in small hands and have a lightweight design that's easy for children to hold and carry in indoor and outdoor play

  • The blaster handles have the lowest pull force of any Nerf dart blasters, so it's easy for kids to pull back by themselves. The darts insert easily into the front of the blasters

  • Includes 2 easy-play

  • Nerf Elite Jr backyard toy blasters. The blasters have oversized aimers and come with 2 targets and 15 Nerf Elite foam darts.