Nerf Super Soaker Wave Spray

  • Brand: Nerf

  • Released by: Hasbro

  • Delivery 2-3 days

  • Blast a huge, wavy stream of water from the Nerf Super Soaker Wave Spray blaster to soak opponents in outdoor games

  • The nozzle moves as it unleashes water, making the stream go up and down in a cool wavy motion for backyard water fun

  • Fill up the tank on this Nerf Super Soaker water blaster, take aim, and start soaking! Each tank holds up to 30 fluid ounces 887 milliliters) of water

  • Easy to fill, easy to blast! Open the cap to fill the tank, and pump the handle back and forth to unleash wild waves and drench everyone in range

  • Start drenching and blast into backyard water fun with this cool outdoor water toy for kids!