Reaction Training Game

  • Train children to think innovatively, exercise their minds, and teach them problem-solving skills through this game. 

  • A fast-paced game that improves reflexes and reaction time. 

  • Suitable for ages 3+ 

  • 2 or more players per round

  • Instruction manual provided


  • Assemble the game board pieces in the correct order and place them in the center of the desk. Each player then gets 6 pieces of game rings of their desired color. 

  • The youngest player rolls the dice first, while the other players can take turns to roll the dice after the youngest player.

  • Since each set of dice has a different background/symbol, a pattern should form once the players have completed rolling the dice. The same pattern can be found on the game board, and the fastest player to spot it gets to place their ring on it.

  • Players will place their rings on the corresponding pattern on the game board, and the player to have all 6 rings on the board will win. 

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