Risk Board Game, Strategy Games for 2-5 Players, Strategy Board Games for Teens, Adults, and Family, War Games

  • Brand: Hasbro Gaming

  • Model: Risk Game

  • Manufactured by: Hasbro

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  • THE GAME OF STRATEGIC CONQUEST: Betrayals! Alliances! Surprise attacks! In the Risk game, players build an army and lead their troops to glory. Who will take over the world to win?

  • 300 FIGURES: Includes 5 plastic armies and 5 war crates for easy storage. Players assemble their army and try to conquer the enemies' territories by moving their troops and engaging in battle.

  • 4 FUN WAYS TO PLAY: Choose from 4 strategy gameplay variations—Classic Risk, Secret Mission Risk, Risk for 2 Players, and Capital Risk.

  • MISSION CARDS SPEED UP GAME: In Secret Mission Risk, it's a race to complete a secret mission! Each player receives one of 12 Secret Mission cards, and only that player will know their objective.

  • RICHLY DETAILED GAMEBOARD: The detailed gameboard art draws players into the Risk gaming world. It features a map, divided into territories and grouped into 6 continents.

  • STRATEGY GAMES MAKE GREAT GIFTS: Strategy board games make exciting games for family game night. This edition of Risk makes a great gift for families and kids ages 10+.


  • Take over the world in this game of strategic conquest! In the Risk board game, the goal is simple: players aim to conquer their enemies’ territories by building an army, moving their troops in, and engaging in battle. Depending on the roll of the dice, a player will either defeat the enemy or be defeated. Defeat all of the enemy troops in a territory to conquer that territory and get one step closer to global conquest! This exciting strategy game is filled with betrayal, alliances, and surprise attacks. On the battlefield, anything goes! It also features 4 ways to play, including Secret Mission Risk. The player who completes their secret mission first -- and reveals the Secret Mission card to prove it -- wins. When done playing, place the armies and dice in the 5 war crates for easy storage. The Risk game is one of best board games for family night. Tabletop games make fun gifts for teens, kids ages 10+, and adults that are fans of war board games.

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