Vigo Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb (120g) Goodie Bag birthday christmas Gift

  • Rainbow cloud Bath Bombs gift set is the best gift and loved equally by kids, toddlers, girls, boys, teens, women, and men, our cloud rainbow bath bomb gift set is perfect for all occasions; Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day, Christmas, and Birthdays.

  • Vigo rainbow bath ball external color is consistent with the color of the section, the formation of the foam is also rich and colorful, lasting fragrance and rich foam make bathing completely enjoyment.

  • All bath bomb raw materials are natural organic, low plant pigment adhesion, will not cause any harm to your bathtub, all ingredients are completely soluble in water, no residue, and easy to clean, consisting of rich Essential Oils and other Skin Care Ingredients.

  • Relax your body and mind, nourish your skin. Pure natural plant essential oil has good nourishing and healing effects on skin, and plant fragrance is more elegant and lasting.

  • Long term use can fundamentally improve the quality of skin.