VIP Pets Mini Fans Series 2 Color Boost

  • 8” extra long hair: VIP pets mini fans are adorable mini surprise dogs to collect, with an extra-long hair to style.

  • Collect all 13 VIP pets mini fans characters with a unique hairstyle. will you find the rare doll?

  • Magic rainbow reveals when merging in water the extra-cool heart-shaped comb capsule.

  • 6+ accessories: create & imagine tons of hairstyles using the included accessories.

  • 2 in 1 multifunctional pack creates a mini hair salon in the interior of the heart-shaped comb capsule. become a real hairdresser.

  • Great toy for girls & boys 3 years old & up; 6,5cm tall doll.

  • Model assorted: You aren't able to choose the model, it's a surprise.