VIP Pets - Surprise Hair Reveal Doll - Series 1 Mousse Bottle

  • UNBOX - Start the unboxing fun by removing the product's outer wrapper, then twist the bottom portion of the vessel and reveal the hidden hair accessories and the how to style guide (Pro tip: Use this compartment to store all your accessory pieces)

  • REVEAL WITH WATER -  Next, twist the top of the mousse bottle cap and fill warm water into the top of the mousse bottle for up to 20 seconds and see the pets hair towel dissolve before your eyes You will then discover your character's unique hair

  • SURPRISE FACE DESIGN - Use warm water to wipe your VIP Pets face and reveal her unique beauty mark

  • STYLE - Discard the plastic hair cap and reveal your dolls 12 inches of long luscious hair Now it's time to create tons of hairstyles using the included accessories

  • SALON CHAIR - take the included suction cup and snap it on the bottom of your VIP's chair to convert it in to a salon chair to keep your doll in place while brushing and styling.

  • COLLECT ALL 12 - Each of the 6 VIP characters comes with 2 different looks. Who will you discover?


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